Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood.~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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picture We are professional experts working to facilitate the e-learning process through providing many variable curriculums in a suitable time connected together and integrated in order to suit all the needs of learners of different levels all over the world.

Mona Shaker
E-learning Consultant at Educational-ideas

the Royal Academy
presenting online flexible methods and qualified creative courses beyond the space and time

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Who is Royal Academy?
Royal Academy is an online Live Language Learning™ Training Company teaching English to ONLY FEMALE teenagers and above with a unique privacy and talented FEMALE INSTRUCTORS. We offer a selection of expert English training solutions to individuals and organizations globally by telephone and Skype.

Who are the Trainers at Royal Academy?
All our trainers are female native English speakers from English speaking countries and are based around the world. Trainers are carefully screened for teaching qualifications as well as corporate and business experience.

Who decides what we do during the lessons?
You tell us what you want and we will tailor a course for you accordingly. You can decide if you want to focus on speaking skills, writing, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, pronunciation, business English, grammar revision, specific vocabulary, etc.

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What type of people study English at Royal Academy?
Our students are only females from all walks of life such as business executives, students, housewives, kids, travel enthusiasts, etc…
All our students have different English learning needs and we try our best to customize each online English course to each students needs.

What is expected of me as a learner?
You are expected:
• to take ownership and responsibility for your learning
• to be willing to explore the language
• to make your own timetable of study sessions
• to manage your time and set your own timelines (if you have problems with time management, tell one of the facilitators and negotiate a plan)
• to have good computer skills
• to contact your instructor if you have questions or want to move on to a new task

What are the advantages of taking an online course?
There are several:
• You can ask questions without having to wait until you come to class and you can expect more individualized answers.
• You can search online for internet resources instantly using the live links in your class materials.
• You can work on your course at your own speed and whenever you want to, even on your breaks and lunch hours. This greatly increases your productivity.
• There are no travel costs because you can literally attend anywhere that you can go online.
• You have direct, personal access to your instructor via e-mail and can share your ideas in a threaded discussion.

What are the benefits of online versus classroom learning?
Our online programs offer you many benefits, the most important of which is FLEXIBILITY! You can choose when and how long you want to study, moving through the courses at your own pace. Our interactive exercises incorporate listening, reading, writing, grammar and speaking components, producing effective language learning results. You can also seek and receive individual teacher attention whenever you are having problems with the programs.

why questions


Why royal academy is specialized only for girls?
The Privacy and specialization which we work with, require from us to be distinct in our e-entities, and it is great for the girl to choose an academy to learn her English in order to be distinguished from others, and where the educational process in a comfortable environment,Privacy is completely helps to make it successful, so the response of the innate desire of girl to make the community which appropriate her, as well as providing parameters talented became a vital demand.
Add to that the centers and specialized academies for the education of girls are Few and far from them, but distance education has become a universal feature, as well as remote working.
Only In America there are more than 10 million women who work and learn online using modern technologies.
The world is really changing rapidly around us.
In response to the desire of this segment which is girls from the age 15 years and older, royal academy has been established (www.royal-academy.net).
And for other segments, royal Academy for young people (royalacademy.biz) for teaching them Business English Will be launched at the beginning of the second quarter of 2012. As well as royal academy that assigned to teach English for children from age 8 years to 14 years old. (royal-academy.org) will be launched at the beginning of the third quarter of 2012.
Pre-registration is available for these academies.
When you register you will have the priority to be a member when the academy is launched.

Why should I take an online course rather than a traditional classroom course?
Online courses offer adult learners the flexibility to choose the best time and place to learn. Sometimes family and career obligations prevent students from attending class at specified times. Online courses provide the opportunity to earn certificates by allowing students to participate in discussions and complete assignments at times convenient to them.

Why should I take Online Independent Study courses?
Flexibility. Jobs, family, location and even on-campus courses with waiting lists can make it difficult to attend traditional classes. Regardless of your reason, Online Independent Study offers you a flexible option in meeting your educational goals. Be advised, however, that to complete an Online Independent Study course you must be self-motivated and dedicated to learning.

Why am I recommended to use my real name and photo?
Unlike ordinary Internet communities, Royal Academy is a professional language exchange website committed to helping our users all over the world to learn foreign languages, make foreign friends, and communicate with them through our social platform. Using your real name and photo may enable you to get to know more Language Friends. Royal Academy has a system to protect your privacy so you may rest assured that your information and content are only viewed by your friends.

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How does «Royal Academy » differ from other English language courses?
The speed of the typical English language courses is characteristically unacceptable for most people with a tight schedule. Their main drawback is that the class always keeps to the pace of the underachieving student. Also, in such courses you can easily become "infected" by other people's mistakes. In addition, on average 1-1.5 hours of precious time is spent on the road travelling to the place where the course is held, and vice versa. We offer private lessons, with professional tutors, from the comfort of your own home or business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I know my level?
Your native speaker trainer will assess your skills at the start of the course. For major languages, you can take our online English language tests.

How long will it take for me to receive my course?
You can begin your work in a couple of days after receiving a password and access to your courses.

How often should I take lessons?
For maximum effectiveness we recommend that our students take two 30 minute lessons per week or one 1 hour lesson per week or more, but the booking system is completely flexible. It is entirely up to students how often they take lessons.

How many online courses can I take at one time?
Online learning can be very demanding and requires a considerable time commitment. If you are willing to make this kind of a commitment, you may take more than one course at a time in Business and Professional Studies. Taking more than two or three online courses at a time is not generally advised.

How can I practice my speaking?
Speaking is like an ocean. It takes a lot of time to develop fluency in speaking. You will need to break it down into smaller achievable steps. Our courses are task-based and cover speaking in certain situations. You will be able to practice and measure these situations/tasks on completion.

How many times can students contact their teachers?
There is no limit to the number of times you can contact your teacher. It will ultimately be determined by your needs as you manage and organize your studies. We encourage you to build a working relationship with your teacher that includes instructional support and advice when and if you need it.

Where & when questions


Where can I get answers to other questions?
For any other questions, please e-mail us at info@royal-academy.net

When can I sign in and start?
Class lists are entered into the course a few days before the course starts. It’s recommended that you not begin before the official start date. If you register late, access to the online learning platform takes two days.


Can I use "Royal Academy" to just practice my English?
Of course. If you, for example, finished high school language or have been trained in an English-speaking country, you could take just one lesson a week, so as not to lose the acquired skills. We'll find you a good match among our teachers.