Royal Academy's visionvisionpresenting online flexible methods and qualified creative courses beyond the space and timevision


Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there. ~Bo Jackson

The passion to learn
Creating and planning effective e-learning designs for universities, colleges, high schools, private centers and institutions all over the world.
We are professional team working on:
• Offering ready models for online academies ready to work and cover all vital fields all over the world Helping you to create, planning and establish online academy depending on the determined global standards.
• Supporting you with all Collaborative tools and services needed for a successful and highly professional online academy.
• Keeping you up-to-date to the technology in E -learning environment.
E-learning System
An Open Source Learning Management System that is provided freely and can be run on many operating systems. Its “free to download, change, share, improve, and customize to whatever you want it to be,” according to the Moodle website. Therefore, any educator can use it to build or supplement a course.

Our Partner

Royal Academy is proud of its close relationship with many vital partners throughout the community. Royal Academy works with a number of partners to serve the needs of students everywhere. Our Academy works with these partners in a variety of services, programs, and events throughout the year.

Educational-ideas applies the newest technology in creating a suitable e- learning environment for both students and instructors which is the effective solutions to improve the education operations and make it faster, easy and meet with the global standards demands.


Adobe® Connect™ for eLearning provides learners with the capability to easily create and deliver online courses, conduct highly interactive virtual classes, and efficiently manage training programs with virtual sessions. It enhances teaching and learning with powerful tools that let faculty and students communicate, solve problems, and explore information in engaging and innovative ways that reduce cost and waste.

Ideas gate is specialized in setting up and marketing e-projects supported by an e-products and web designing center for 10 years. The vision of ideas gate is presenting to the world innovative ideas that exceed your expectation.

One of our most important partners is which provides a full application for e-learning system and more. This system allows flexibility for both student and management by archiving all methods which make learning easy.

The creative center is building, developing and creating new ideas through a very systematic way to capture the process of generating ideas.

Research center is mainly specialized in meeting the global needs of researches in all fields such as economics, medical, educational and etc. with the help of many experts all over the world. Research Center has created creative methods and many researches on the different instructional ways and on the difference between Royal Academy’s services and others.

Dreams team believes that there is no limit for ideas and there are a lot of ideas to be generated. Dreams team is the highest level of cooperation and the most beautiful description of the creation.

To be an effective partner in providing the hosting services , and devote our technology to improve performance and to develop the environmental technology in line with the needs of investors through the means of creative ideas.

The Authentic Management for Electronic Learning Academies LEMAA is a system specialized in managing the content of online academies in a smart way.