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Mrs.Mona shaker:(General Manager)

My wide experience in computer, communications, and operating system would help me to manage all the eLearning process. My courses of communication skills, presentation skills, business writing and business etiquette gave me a wide knowledge that will make me a real good manager.

Mrs.Yousra Thabet:(online Teacher)

My professional attitude in training and education field as a trainer or an instructor would add much to the eLearning process. I have a wide experience in teaching as I worked in many international centers like Amideast, Berlitz Language Center, New Horizons Training Center.MY exceptional adaptation to different environments, my solid administration experience, my dedication, my hard working and my excellent communication skills would help me greatly to deliver student's needs.

Ms.Asmaa tawfik:(online Teacher)

My education of English language and also being the 1st on my class gave me the passion to be the first also in teaching English language. My stay in USA for some years gave me a great knowledge about their society and their culture so I will deliver this culture to my students to be able to recognize the English language culture.

Ms.Mariam el shaer:(online Teacher)

The European background has a great effect on me that helped me to acquire the English language skills. This made me able to deliver the English language in an interesting way in which the language is mixed with the culture. My students will be able to know the English culture as the language is a way to deliver the culture. I was a teacher for more than 5000 person and all of them were fully satisfied after the course.

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