A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study. ~Chinese


Academy Gates
Royal Academy’s gates

Royal Academy’s gates are prepared to facilitate the entrance of the e-learners to their destination with high flexibility and this idea shortens the learner’s time .There are 5 gates: Academy’s gate, Virtual session, be a member, our aim and Telephony.


virtual session
Virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms are creative applications of e-learning technology sponsored by Adobe. Virtual sessions maintain the flexibility in time, record all the e-learning process and create a highly archived curriculum.


English Language Program

Royal Academy designs different promotion packages:
-Choose Golden package which contains the three levels with full payment and you will get the third level (Advanced Level) for free.
-A scholarship and full refund of the payment for the student who gets the first rank.

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Royal Academy is a smart way to learn
We provide attractive and accredited certificates that are in
consistent with the international standards.

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Royal Academy is an Online Academy teaching English to ONLY FEMALE teenagers and above with a unique privacy and talented FEMALE INSTRUCTORS.
Royal Academy served as a significant contributor to the progress of e-learning worldwide through educational research and analysis, fair and valid assessments, innovative product development and informative policy studies.
Royal Academy combines e-Learning services to create the most effective learning experience available in the industry.
Royal Academy prepares the next generation for success through standards-aligned curriculums, certification, professional development, and flexible programs.
We make our lessons enjoyable, because we believe that when you are having fun, you are learning even more. Our students come from all around the world - you'll have the chance to meet and make friends with people from many different cultures, all speaking the common language of English.
Our students accomplish more than just learn the latest technologies as the foundation of Royal Academy is based on inspiring students to become more productive and successful in their daily activities.
Our teachers are all qualified, experienced professionals who use a variety of techniques in the classroom.