Who we are ?

Welcome to Royal Academy

Royal Academy is an Online Academy teaching English to ONLY FEMALE teenagers and above with talented FEMALE INSTRUCTORS


-Facilitating e-learning process through providing many variable curriculums in a suitable time connected together and integrated in order to suit all the needs of learners of different levels all over the world.
-Providing students with the means of advancing learning and increasing opportunities for students internationally, through the delivery of dynamic, engaging, standards-based curricula.
-Advancing quality and equity in education by providing fair and valid assessments, research and related services.


Presenting online flexible methods and qualified creative courses.


  • Facilitating online distance learning.
  • Publishing curriculums suit era environments.
  • Offering virtual environments suit personal difference of learners
  • Infusing 21st Century Skills for each student in all classes.
  • Dealing with staff of highly qualified, responsible and dedicated instructor for every class.
  • Providing a high-tech environment with the means for frequent, personalized contact between the teacher and each student.
  • Acquiring successful educational operation by passing.
  • Graduating highly qualified people able to face all needs of business market.