What is privacy policy

Royal Academy took your passion seriously. A competent person developed practical tips to protect you from internet fraud and to secure your computer and your personal information. Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy.

Security and confidentiality

Only some selected staff are allowed to know your information that helps to offer you products and services in addition to helping the staff to do their job.

How does Royal Academy use your personal information?

This policy explains how Royal Academy uses your personal information which is collected by the academy and your prior use of the academy’s services. Personal information is information about you such as; name, address, email address, and your phone number .
This information isn’t available to the public.
This policy is applied only for the this academy This policy doesn’t apply on companies that aren’t owned by Royal Academy or for people who are not hired by the academy.

Collecting data and use it

Royal Academy collects your data when you sign up for the academy, use our services, visit our page or pages of our partners, and when you see ads.
When you sign up, we ask for some information such as; name, email address, date of birth, gender, postcode, industry, and your interests. For some products and financial services we ask for information such as; address, social security number, and your assets so you aren’t anonymous to us. When you sign up, the academy gets your information directly from your computer, which browser you are using, your IP address, hardware and software version, and the page you are asking for.

Transferring and operating data

The academy doesn't share your information with anyone or any non-affiliated company. With your permission the academy may also share some information only to provide products and services that you want.
Your ability to manage or delete information and interests