Royal Academy

Let us shine your future
Course with English language
Certificated by idemes
Start at 15/8/2022

Royal Academy Levels

Starters (Level 1 & Level 2)
Elementary (Level 3 & Level 4)
Pre- intermediate (Level 5 & Level 6)
Intermediate (Level 7 & Level 8)
Upper intermediate (Level 9 & Level 10)
Advanced (Level 11 & Level 12)
Number of levels: 12
Duration: 12 months (level/month)

Royal Academy Academy is a smart way to learn

We offer attractive and certified certifications consistent with international standards.

Improving skills to take advantage of self-employment and time management.

This course includes:

16 hrs / Level
GMT−05:00 PM
2 lectures a week
certified certificate


Royal Academy will teach you the English you need to know to talk to anyone, write great English and understand almost anything you read. No prior knowledge needed. Royal Academy is based on simple, easy methods to follow accompanied by lots of practice.